Ash timber Curved Bench to fit around planter Contemporary Benches BandB Innovations Construction

♦ Contemporary Benches (Timber) | ♦ Project Type: Bench (Design and Build) | ♦ Location: Center Parcs Longleat Forest, Warminster | ♦ Financial Budget: £10K Inc. Enabling works


On this occasion we were asked to design contemporary benches that could offer both a free-standing bench and also a bench that could be attached to the top of an existing raised planter bed – but, that would give the same appearance – in this case the requirement was for three straight benches and two curved benches to be fixed to the planter bed.

We designed a very simple bracket formed using stainless steel, a simple angled shape with appropriately spaced lugs to enable pre-cut timber to be fitted. In this case study we were required to supply stand-alone units which required a simple wooden leg to be built out of Ash timber this leg could then have the steel bracket bolted to it to form the bench. The second install required the bending of the Ash timber using a steam box to mirror the shape of the garden planter it was to be fixed to – this took some painstaking time. The raised bed was prepared for the new bench, we deconstructed the bench and took it to site, drilled and fixed the brackets using a resin anchor system – we then re-formed the carefully shaped timber to build the bench – The finished bench was stunning (even if we do say so).

Ash timber Curved Bench to fit around planter Contemporary Benches BandB Innovations


Ash curved bench to fit round existing planter Contemporary Benches

Some simple bench bracket components that could be used as a free-standing unit or could be installed / placed onto an existing structure or wall. Designed to offer a simple form that can have an array of timbers attached to it to form different styles and sizes.

Could it?
So, do you use benches, do you look for specific benches to fit that certain spot, whether it’s a standard ‘boring’ garden bench or something fantastically complicated get in touch we would love to help.


Timber Bench Ash timber Designed and built BandB Benches Contemporary Benches

Timber Bench Ash Timber BandB Benches Curved Bench Contemporary Benches

Curved bench Ash timber BandB Benches Contemporary Benches

BandB Benches Ash timber Curved bench Contemporary Benches

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