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Our Projects

This page is to give an insight into some of the projects we get involved in: from road building, foot bridge design and build, playgrounds, wooden boardwalks, anti-slip surfacing, new build and refurbishment projects – to building space age office desk prototypes.

With over twenty years experience within the construction industry combined with our own in-house steel fabrication business – we offer the full design and build service. Whatever your plans let us help you design, build and fabricate a brighter future.

Last Minute Refurbishment – 2015

Last Minute Refurbishment - 2015 This project was dropped on us at the last minute; given just two weeks to turn two adjacent toilet blocks into a single room with the intention to house new arcade machines. The project entailed demolition work, M&E (Mechanical and Electrical), plastering, floor tiling and a new suspended ceiling finished and decorated. Given the two-week window we are very happy to report that we brought the project in on time and budget.

Bespoke Timber Playground – 2007

Bespoke Timber Playground - 2007 We designed this to replace an old playground, which had been built around an existing mature tree. We considered modular playgrounds but they couldn’t be installed to incorporate the tree. So we designed and built a new playground around the feature tree. The resulting area became a favourite place - for the whole school.

Swing Set – 2015

Swing Set - 2015 This design was simply to supply a replacement for an old traditional swing set. We came up with a simple bright and colourful double swing, the design proved both striking and fun. Once installed its eye-catching colours and shape have been an instant draw with both children and adults all racing to have a go.

Bridge with Portholes – 2014

Bridge with Portholes - 2014   The client needed to replace a bridge that had previously been made from timber and had over the years been immersed in water in a sub-tropical environment. It had become rotten and unsafe. We were asked to replace the bridge with a long lasting alternative. We researched some alternative materials and came up with a design using a composite based timber substitute that would give a far longer lasting structure within this unique environment. A new bridge was constructed in the composite wood and we installed some walk over portholes for guests to look at the array of fish in the pond below. A beautiful oak handrail completed the look.

External Bridge Replacement – 2014

External Bridge Replacement - 2014 We were asked to present a structural design to replace some existing external bridges. The design and subsequent sign off drawings were accepted and we fabricated the steel sub frame, carried out the required civil work to enable install - removed the old bridge and replaced with the new. We provided and installed factory produced anti-slip deck for the bridge. Two DDA compliant pedestrian bridges supplied and fitted!

Crazy Golf. A Medieval Refurbishment – 2012

Crazy Golf. A Medieval Refurbishment - 2012 An existing crazy golf course needed a ‘make-over’ and we were called in to offer some advice and carry out the work. We suggested using half rounds to form turrets and castellation turning amongst other things what was a traditional garden shed into an imposing castle. Some eye-catching refurbishments brought a new vibrancy to a fairly tired and worn out crazy golf course and allowed a medieval theme to be implemented across the existing course.

Special Projects

Special Projects Pictured a new non-invasive design of boardwalk being weight stress tested for our structural engineers. This design passed the stress test and is currently under consideration for a large project.

Space Age Desk – Inspired by The Matrix film

Space Age Desk – Inspired by The Matrix film We became involved in producing a desk working with a renowned London based designer. He wanted to create a desk for a gaming software development client. He took his inspiration from a scene in the film The Matrix. He initially gave us a Lego model to work with. We took this away and researched possible materials the finished design incorporated an innovative light box and whiteboard, and an umbilical connection system. The idea was that the desks could easily be moved around the office and plugged in to a central location. The prototype exceeded everyone’s expectations. Including ours!

Bike Park Refurbishment – 2014

Bike Park Refurbishment - 2014 This project required groundwork preparation, timber supply and installation. We fabricated the bike racks and laid the new tarmac. It was completed successfully within time and budget.

Injection Grooved Anti-Slip Decking – 2006

Injection Grooved Anti-Slip Decking - 2006 As well as offering full board factory fitted anti-slip decking product, B&B also offer injection grooved decking, supplied and installed. Used to great effect in a Japanese bamboo garden setting

Outdoor Spa Area – 2015

Outdoor Spa Area - 2015 Working from supplied drawings we were asked to create a new outdoor spa area - Project managing, liaising and coordinating with all the trades. Bringing the project together to create a really eye-catching relaxation area!    

The Whole Project – 2014

The Whole Project - 2014 We were asked to form a new entrance traffic matrix to deal with congestion caused on site change over days. This required some thought and we suggested some stylish sentry box design these had elongated roofs to enable guests to be checked-in without the staff or guests getting too wet. This project involved timber construction, extensive re-surfacing works, new road lining, and anti-slip surfacing installation. We coordinated and carried out all the works and we’re pleased to say the system has offered congestion relief on days when it’s needed!

Complimentary See-Saw – 2015

Complimentary See-Saw - 2015 Following the smash hit the swing made – we were asked to design a complimentary see-saw. We jumped on it straight away and the colourful design went down a storm! Watch this space as many more groovy designs and ideas are on their way!

Plunge Pool Stainless & Rope Handrail – 2015

Plunge Pool Stainless & Rope Handrail - 2015 A new footpath was needed to allow access a plunge pool. As well as the path the client asked for an appropriate handrail to be designed and installed. The remit was for the design to compliment the outdoor pool environment. A stainless steel and hemp rope was proposed and commissioned. The finished product was both practical and suited the aquatic surroundings perfectly.

New Footpath – 2015

New Footpath – 2015 Another emergency footpath was again designed and built by BandB. The remit this time to form a new footpath of 160 linear metres through a heavily wooded area. We were asked to make the footpath meander through the trees and to be as sympathetic to the surroundings as possible. This was achieved to the delight of the client!

New 70 space car park – 2014

New 70 space car park – 2014 We were asked to design and build a 70-space car park, with two access stairs, drainage lighting and white lining. We engineered this project through an existing woodland area, this involved a huge amount of earth moving using a cut and fill operation. The project was fast tracked and completed in 6 weeks as per the clients pre-start stipulation with no budget over spend.

Boardwalk re-surface and sub-structure replacement – 2004

Boardwalk re-surface and sub-structure replacement - 2004 A difficult project which involved working on a ‘live’ (which is a busy walkway that had to stay open and fully operational between the hours of 7am-11pm.) The boardwalk required some 3000 decking boards to be dried and factory fitted with anti-slip surfacing…this was the easy part! We then had to replace the boards on the ‘live’ boardwalk at night. This involved removing the old boards replacing super structure timbers then fixing the new boards into place. All finished for the morning so that the public and staff could use the boardwalk unhindered. Section by section the 450 metre long boardwalk was completely changed and renewed - and nobody ever noticed!

Raised Decking Pod – 2014

Raised Decking Pod – 2014 We were asked to design and build two raised sun decks to allow guests to have the opportunity for a little ‘al fresco’ dining. Built with engineered posts and beams and finished with factory fitted anti-slip decking. It’s proven to be the choice spot to eat.

Cycle Way – 2016

Cycle Way

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Boardwalk – 2017

Anti-slip Decking – 2016

Starbucks Decking Area – 2016