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Woody 'He's a 4in1'....Patio Heater, Open Fire and BBQ Cooker and Fire Pit! Woody is a compact patio wood burner with a quirky bendy chimney, which marks him out from the rest of the crowd. He can be used in four different ways. A garden accessory offering a load of fun and a load of different uses. From a patio heater which has been designed to bring an open fire to your patio. Or, with a minimal amount of changes becomes a sleek smooth metropolitan fire pit. Offering two possible cooking experiences from your traditional BBQ, to the more flavoursome real fire cooking experience…… One….Patio Heater With the chimney attached Woody helps to avoid that ‘smoke gets in your eyes’ moment, and becomes a friendly and cosy fire place. To sit around with your friends wiling away the hours, maybe with a glass of wine. Extra chimney pieces are available, allowing you to build a chimney to suit your location. The door allows for easy access to keep the fire loaded with logs. The design includes many thoughtful touches, like the small ledge at the base of the chimney where chestnuts can be placed and roasted…..delicious! Two….Open Fire Cooker Another night a different feel. Remove Woody’s chimney and top hat. Add the grill ring to the top of the raised body, open the door add your wood and build an open fire, let the fire become established, add some flavoured wood (visit www.druidswood.co.uk for a fine selection) maybe; hickory, apple, cherry or almond wood to add a beautiful smoky flavour to your steaks! Use the door to tend to your fire while cooking. Three….BBQ A sunny Saturday, with the hood and chimney removed, with the body in the raised position pull out the locking pin, a simple clockwise flick of the wrist enables the body to be lowered carefully into its low position, Woody is now a smart, sleek, simple barbecue, add your coals, fit the grill (using the poker supplied), Woody becomes a barbecue, and you can cook up a storm. From the traditional English breakfast through to a full Aussie-style barbie! When cooking in the lower position we would recommend that you only use charcoal in the traditional way. And Four…..Fire Pit Once your barbeque is over, carefully remove the grill using the poker again and put in a safe appropriate place, put some logs on your coals, and Woody becomes a clean simple and cosmopolitan fire pit, draw your chairs and your friends around and talk about your culinary prowess! Woody is fun, and his distinctively quirky and stylish appearance will be a real talking point with your friends. He will enhance your patio, warm your guests and can help feed them like kings! Woody is back in development and new configurations are just around the corner. We have a number of Woody mark 1’s ‘seconds’ available recommended retail price £750.00 each. Woody ‘Seconds’ Available now at £600.00 each (ex delivery) please contact us for details.
Stainless Steel Large Garden Mirror With Two-Faces A large garden mirror (2000 x 1000 mm approximately) with mirrors front and back offering the opportunity to install a contemporary and eye-catching piece for any garden. Made from 316 stainless steel, with acrylic mirrors and marine ply. This mirror is big bold and uncompromising, built to with stand the great British weather! This stunning piece has been made using the finest materials; it comes with matching stainless steel fixing chain and eyes. Offering, both a polished and lightly scratched frame for the two sides of the mirror - all hand made in the Cotswold’s. A unique piece of garden furniture offering; statement, style and fun! Interested? Contact lottie@bandbinnovations.co.uk