Does your small business need a blog?

Does your small business need a blog?

So for a while now we’ve been pondering the same question . . . we’ve pondered & pondered . . . been ‘too busy’ . . .

Excuses excuses . . . but then thought we’d get some inspiration & answers!

In a short answer . . .

YES! Your small business needs a blog!
This then brings us to here . . . Guest blogging for British Biz Party ahead of starting our own BandB Blog in the near future! So please go easy on us as we are new to this.

How can your small business benefit from a blog?
Brum Brum! More Traffic to your website with regular updates & interaction. Especially if you have comments & discussion. Higher search results too with google & other search engines as your website is active & has more content.

Sharing! Research shows that audiences are more likely to share a blog than a website link. With Comments & sharing it is another way of reaching & connecting with other businesses & potential clients.

Blogging will help get your business out there on social media. After all social media is the now & future of marketing, advertising & networking.

Trust & Help! With your business blog you can answer common questions or ease any concerns your clients may have. If content is relevant & helpful to a potential client it will encourage them to come to you in the future as you’ve helped them in the past.

Your clients can get to know you & your business via your blog content! You can make it fun, interesting & portray your personality or business ethos.

I know what you are thinking . . . I don’t have time, I’m too busy!!
If you put in a little bit of time at the start & write a blog post it can continue to benefit your business for lots more time to come. With a click or a share in the future even on your day off. The ongoing traffic & potential leads generated will be worth that initial time.

Also remember you don’t have to do everything yourself, you could hire someone to do it for you using your ideas & content.

Stuck for ideas?
This had me stumped too, what to write about! You can write about anything & everything, keep it relevant to your business or even your personal interests if you wish to share them. Answer your customers frequently asked questions & blog to help with any concerns they may have about your services, products or industry.

Why do your clients need your product or service? What recent projects are you working on? Can you offer any advice or tips to your customers or another business?

I don’t know how to blog?
Neither do we but we are hoping to learn & have fun with it. There is so much information & inspiration available to help you on your way.

Word press is the top blogging platform & ideal for small businesses. Off we go to get started.

Will let you know when we launch our BandB Blog! We can’t wait to read yours too.

Thank you!