BandB bollards by the sea

BandB bollards by the sea

BandB bollards by the sea side!

Oh we do like to be beside the sea side & so do our Timber bollards!

We recently had to research into timbers that are suitable & sustainable for exposure to the sea & sea air. We had to pick the right durable timber for our bollards to be placed at a harbour by a marina.

If a bollard is going to be exposed to a lot of sea water then a marine timber is essential for longevity & aesthetics.

Our local timber yard Nick’s Timber can supply 3 types of marine timber;


Greenheart timber is one of the strongest hardwoods. It can vary from a brown to green depending on location of harvesting. Extensively used in situations where strength, durability and hard wearing properties are essential. The hardwood is often used in marine environments as an ‘untreated alternative’ to other hardwoods.


Opepe is also an extremely strong and hard constructional marine timber. Commonly used for decking, marine construction, bridge construction, sleepers & even boat construction.


Balau is a hardwood native to Asia which is naturally durable. It is hard, heavy & very dense. Colour is brown varying from a yellow-brown to a dark reddish-brown.

If the placement of bollards is near a harbour or beach but won’t be exposed directly to sea water then standard hardwoods like Oak can be used. They can withstand the elements of just the sea air & still produce a durable bollard.

Researching how different timbers react to the elements ensures we manufacture hard wearing, attractive bollards that are suitable for the environment they are being put in.

All our bollards are manufactured in Britain, our design incorporates either heavyweight or lightweight ‘safe to remove’ ground anchor system or standard static options. To give each bollard its own individual character each one is hand turned from a single piece of timber & seamlessly joined with simple stainless steel fixtures & Fittings.