Boardwalk timber structure BandB Innovations Construction design and build

♦ Project Type: Replace and extend an existing Wooden Boardwalk | ♦ Location: Longleat Forest, Wiltshire | ♦ Financial Budget: £450K | ♦ Time Budget: 6 months

Constraints / Challenges: Building a large project within a live and busy public space that is open to the public all year round.

B and B Innovations where invited to offer a design and build tender submission to replace an existing wooden boardwalk within one of the client’s national sites.

Center Parcs, Longleat Forest, had an iconic wooden boardwalk running through the centre of its site, forming a main thoroughfare for the holiday village. After twenty years the old wooden structure had reached end of life and needed to be replaced.

The project involved earth moving and demolition and building structural Gabion walls. We developed the Gabion walls to hold treated logs to their external faces with structural aggregates placed behind the logs to ensure structural stability and integrity was maintained, the wooden log facades offered softer elevations more in keeping with this woodland environment.

Gabion wall timber boardwalk

Timber boardwalk timber structure Design and build construction BandB Innovations

Our brand new designed ‘kit form’ boardwalk offered the client a structurally non-invasive boardwalk. Not a bolt passed through any of the structural timbers. As well as incorporating a new innovative method for fixing the decking, the whole design was developed to maximize the life cycle of this raised walkway and to give ease of maintenance.

This unique design had been four years in development and all elements were considered from the perspective of maximizing asset life-cycle and reducing maintenance during its operational life. This concept was taken on board and supported by the client.

The finished boardwalk and path were handed over on time and on budget, the finished raised walkway has taken its place as an eye-catching centerpiece for the site, enjoyed by guests and staff alike.

New Boardwalk build groundworks

Boardwalk Timber Structure

Boardwalk Brackets Timber structure Design and build BandB Innovations

Boardwalk raised walkway woodland footings BandB Innovations Construction

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