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♦ Co-Op, Neath – 2017/18 | ♦ Project Type: Shell Works for a Retail Refurbishment | ♦ Location: Bryncoch, Neath | ♦ Financial Budget: £450K | ♦ Time Budget: 6 months


Invited to tender for this project by Uplands Retail, we were awarded the contract in October 2017, starting in November 2017 – ostensibly a design and build refurbishment for Uplands, consisting of an ever-evolving work program – which threw up many challenges giving scope for thinking and solution provision.

The site was a large old public house that to all ‘intents and purposes’ was completely gutted of all its internal structure, to be replaced and stitched back together with a comprehensive steel super-structure framework.

This work was precisely phased and the old and new carefully joined together, this involved both mechanical and hand demolition, extensive technical structural needling and propping, deploying multi construction discipline’s including blockwork piers and pad stone formations, steel erection, stair install, new timber joist and floor laying – eventually enabling two large open plan areas to be constructed both up and downstairs.

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Externally all out buildings were removed, and a new extension was constructed, involving some specially designed deep footings to support the party wall, to these a formwork re-enforced concrete wall was added with appropriate tanking.

extension consisted of beam and block oversite, block work elevations, rendered, wooden flat roof and finally the deploy of a new screeded floors to the entire ground floor of the new and old building. We had responsibility for an extensive new drainage system for both foul and surface water, also forming a new car park, with associated kerbing and tarmac all finished with soft and hard landscaping to the site.

A very challenging project which we enjoyed being involved with working closely with Uplands to overcome some difficult operational issues (something we pride ourselves on).
A very old and tired pub became a fantastic new retail space for the Co-Op.


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