BandB Innovations tarmacing and chip and tar road overlay construction

♦ Road Overlay Works – 2018 | ♦ Project Type: Re-Surfacing and Verge Improvements | ♦ Location: Warminster, Wiltshire | ♦ Financial Budget: £200K | ♦ Time: 4 months

This project is part of a rolling program of tarmacing and overlay work to be carried out on our client’s busy ‘live’ site. The scope of the work was to give a uniformed width of road taking the old road of 3.7 meters wide to the new width of 4.7 meters. The road edges were to have a timber delineation kerb placed to both sides, with the whole road finished with a 30mm tarmac overlay.

The working environment proved a tricky one with hundreds of guests moving around the site at all times of the day and night. The works had to be programmed to fit around the guests which meant that we had to employ both flexible hours and leftfield thinking to enable all tasks to be carried out safely and completed to a standard that all construction areas were left completely safe and usable by guests at all times.

Tarmacing road with chip and tar BandB Innovations

Tarmacing road with chip and tar BandB Innovations

The work entailed excavating both road edges to give the new required width, then the placement of 4 x 2 treated wooden boards pinned with wooden pegs. These new extended sections of road were then excavated, the sub-base reformed and compacted and base course tarmac placed and rolled ready for the new finishing tarmac.We oversaw and co-ordinated the install of the new 30mm tarmac overlay – Managing guest movements, placing temporary walkways, carrying shopping bags and even carrying push chairs when needed. A fabulous install was completed…. and guests continued to get where they needed to be.

Once swept down and landscaped, a tired and scruffy road system – has been transformed completely to a ‘new pin’ standard!

Tarmac roads Overlay chip and tar construction

Construction tarmac overlay road BandB Innovations

Chip and tar tarmacing road overlay BandB Innovations construction 6-1

Tarmac Overlay with Wooden Edging construction BandB Innovations 7

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